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Bantam lathe moving plan

Lathe details

  • Weight: 445kg
  • Length: 1345mm
  • Width: 635mm


The manual recommends lifting the lathe from a cross bar which passes through the bed in front of the headstock.


  • 2-ton engine hoist
    • Someone probably has one we can borrow, or we can rent/buy
    • Rating drops to half-ton at full extension, which is why we may want the 2ton one over the cheaper 1ton ones around.
    • How high does it lift? High enough to get in a van or on a dropside transit?
  • HIAB hire
    • No idea on cost
    • might help with getting the lathe up steps/inclines into the B-block building
  • Forklift
    • Might be possible to use the one in Summerhall.
    • Jack up the lathe and build/place a pallet under it
    • No metal on metal, there must be some ply or cardboard or something to stop it slipping on the forks.
    • Lathe is going to be very top-heavy.
  • Luton van + tail lift
  • Dollies
    • For easy moving around on the ground/in buildings
    • Should be wide enough so we can bolt into them through the lathe's bolt holes
    • Ready-made ones all seem expensive
    • Sets of heavy-duty castors are cheap for DIY efforts.

At Portobello


At Summerhall

Main entrance:

  • Fairly steep incline up to the door. Is it possible to push the lathe up the slope on a dolly safely?
  • Lots of corners to navigate
  • Can we take it through the lift? What weight is the lift rated for? Do we trust that rating?

Fire exit entrance

  • Good proximity to the workshop, fewer corners to navigate
  • Step-up into the building
  • Confined space, difficult to operate any sort of lift in
  • May be possible to build out a platform at floor-level outside, put the lathe on it, roll it in?
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