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 +====== How to make good hot chocolate ======
 +  - Melt one two hot chocolate discs, or other suitable (dark) chocolate, in a small quantity of milk, in a cup in the microwave or in a pan. Mix until smooth.
 +  - Steam sufficient milk to fill rest of cup with steam wand. If no steam wand you can microwave and froth in a cafetier. Don't attempt to use the steam wand on the coffee machine in the lab - it is disgusting.
 +  - Mix these parts. Preferably top with scooshy cream and marshmallows.
 +The correct milk to use is Coconut milk. Apart from tasting by far the best this is also makes the drink a coco cocoa.
 +===== Supplies =====
 +  * Suitable drinking chocolate: https://​​drinking-chocolate-no-1-organic-6x300g/​
 +  * The correct milk: https://​​coconut-for-professionals-12x1lt-csz-12x1lt-sku-da07025a/​
 +  * Vegan marshmallows (I've not tried these ones) https://​​vanilla-marshmallows-10x75g-csz-10x75g-sku-ch04872a/​
 +  * Vegan cream: https://​​heavenly-whipped-spray-cream-12x200ml-csz-12x200ml-sku-gr08208a/​
 +The hacklab has a greencity account in case you want to order these.
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