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 ====== Coffee ====== ====== Coffee ======
-{{ :​coffee_proper_tea_theft.jpg |}}+The lab currently has a DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S bean to cup espresso machine.
- +Coffee from this machines costs 50p.
-The lab currently has two bean to cup espresso machines: a delonghi, and a recently recycled from a skip Jura. The Jura makes significantly better coffee and is expected to deprecate the DeLonghi. +
- +
-Coffee from these machines costs 50p+
- +
-There is also instant coffee in a jar labelled antea, so that you know it's not tea.+
 ===== Beans ===== ===== Beans =====
-The coffee being put in the machines at the moment is the cheapest thing from amazon, which happens to be Lavazza Rossa+The coffee being put in the machines at the moment is Lavazza Rossa.
- +
-It is possible to put your own pre-ground coffee in the Jura. Put it down the chute at the top and then press the brew button as normal. +
- +
-===== Using the Jura ===== +
- +
-The machine has been dialled in by River, to the extent that this is possible. Do not adjust the settings unless you really know what you are doing. +
- +
-There are three buttons for shot size, and behind them two buttons for dose. The dose ones have symbols of one and three coffee beans. Leave this on three. +
- +
-The smallest shot will give espresso / ristretto. The middle is a slightly longer espresso. The last one yields about 200ml of bitter, dilute coffee. If you want a less bitter long coffee, I recommend pulling an espresso and diluting it with water from the kettle. ​  It will be a bit lacking in body, but I think it is the best we can do with these beans. If you drink coffee with milk, the long shot from the machine might do you better. It has more body as well as bitterness, but the milk may mask the bitterness and give a better result. I've not tested this because I don't drink milk. (update wiki with results if you try it.) +
- +
-==== Advanced Configuration ==== +
- +
-If you are going to adjust the grind, the knob seems to be labelled backwards. +
- +
-Shot length is set by holding the relevant button for three seconds to start the pour, then touching again to end and set the time. +
-===== Using the DeLonghi ===== +
- +
-River recommends you don't. The only thing this could possibly do better than the Jura is steam milk, which the Jura doesn'​t do at all, but I really don't recommend doing that. The wand is probably a health hazard.+
 ===== Bottled Coffee ===== ===== Bottled Coffee =====
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