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COVID-19 Information for Visitors

This page will be updated regularly with the status of public open nights, arrangements for visitors and information on how to join the Hacklab at this time

Current Status

As Scotland has moved beyond Level Zero, we are currently discussing with our members how to manage general reopening in a safe way.

We are not currently open to the public, except by arrangement with an existing member as their visitor

We plan the following phases

  1. Increase room capacities to allow more members access and pilot members indoor social evenings
  2. Encourage people interested in joining to sign up to the discuss list to arrange a visit with existing members
  3. Start public evenings on a bookable basis with limited numbers
  4. Return to Tuesday open nights with no bookings

Expectations when visiting the lab

  • Do not attend with COVID-19 symptoms or if you should be isolating
  • Masks must be warn at all times and you must check in with the Checkin Scotland app
  • Respect any room capacity limits
  • Clean all workspaces before and after use
  • Regularly clean hands with the gel provided

Joining the Hacklab

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