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 ===== Status ===== ===== Status =====
-Working. (last update ​2018-01-25)+Working. (last update ​2019-01-20)
-This tool requires training before use. Training sessions are being advertised regularly on the mailing listContact ​[[people:​mikewalters]] ​if one hasn't happened in a while+===== Training ===== 
 +This tool requires training before use. 
 +If you're interested in learning to run the mill, look through the [[https://​​|training materials]]. Much of the syllabus is milling theory and CAD/CAM which you learn about with online research & tutorials. 
 +Come up with a simple project that you'd like to make, model it in Fusion360, and produce the CAM for it. Once you have something you think is ready to go, or if you have any questions aloong the way, contact ​[[people:​mikewalters]].
 ===== Manual ===== ===== Manual =====
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