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G14 Setup


These tasks can be started now:

  • Install shelf for PCB etch tank
  • Deep shelf for PSU and function generator
  • Shelves (see below)
  • Order/source a combined euro-profile and handle for door.
  • Run 4 cat5 cables from G11 rack to G14 roof space
  • Sort/tidy/prepare electronics components for the move
  • Clean ESD mats and trim to match worktops
  • Install louvre panels on short wall below conduit [1 done, 2 to go]
  • Steal the worktop that currently covers the 2nd sink in G1. Cut it to make a 150x55cm shelf.
  • Obtain some chairs (3-4, computer operator chairs or “guest” chairs)


The vertical brackets are installed but we will need to order more horizontals, and to source the shelf boards. Given the amount of worktop that we will be removing from G1 later on, it might be worth installing only a limited amount of shelving for now instead of buying new material.

On the narrow end of the room, above the component drawers:

  • 3 of 226cm x 30-31cm (slightly less than 226 to allow for the conduit).

To the left of the window:

  • 150cm x 54cm (for the function generator and HP power supply)
  • 150cm x 25-30cm (for oscilloscope, soldering tools, etc)

On the long wall:

  • Many of ~290cm x 30cm (general storage)
  • ~290cm x 25-30cm (for oscilloscope, soldering tools, etc)

To the right of the sink, attached to wall and sink unit:

  • Recessed shelf for PCB etch tank.
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