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 These tasks can be started now: These tasks can be started now:
-  * Order/​source a combined euro-profile and handle for door.+  * <​del>​Install shelf for PCB etch tank</​del>​ 
 +  * <​del>​Deep shelf for PSU and function generator</​del>​ 
 +  * Shelves (see below) 
 +  * <del>Order/​source a combined euro-profile and handle for door.</​del>​
   * Run 4 cat5 cables from G11 rack to G14 roof space   * Run 4 cat5 cables from G11 rack to G14 roof space
-  * Install UniFi access point +  * Sort/​tidy/​prepare electronics components for the move 
-  * <del>Order new legs for sink unit</​del>​ +  * <del>Clean ESD mats and trim to match worktops</​del>​ 
-  ​* Fit benches +  * <del>Install louvre panels on short wall below conduit [1 done, 2 to go]</​del>​ 
-    ​* <del>Straighten the wavy worktop</​del>​ +  * <del>Steal the worktop ​that currently covers ​the 2nd sink in G1. Cut it to make a 150x55cm shelf.</​del>​ 
-    * <​del>​Attach wooden battens to the wall to support the back of the worktops</​del>​ +  Obtain some chairs (3-4computer operator chairs or "​guest"​ chairs)
-    * <del>Chamfer ​the worktop ​edges</​del>​ +
-    * <​del>​Sand & oil the worktops</​del>​ +
-      <​del>​Coat 1</​del>​ +
-      * <​del>​Coat 2</​del>​ +
-      * <​del>​Coat ​3</​del>​ +
-    * Attach legs and fit the worktopsattaching them to the battens with L brackets - slotted so they can move up and down a bit(?) +
-    * Install more battens to support the worktop corner/edge+
 +===== Shelves =====
-===== Access control =====+The vertical brackets are installed but we will need to order more horizontals,​ and to source the shelf boards. Given the amount of worktop that we will be removing from G1 later on, it might be worth installing only a limited amount of shelving for now instead of buying new material.
-<​del>​The door will be fitted with the same type of lock as used for G2 and G8. The lock is currently on order and all other components are in stock.</​del>​+On the narrow end of the room, above the component drawers:
-Done!+  * 3 of 226cm x 30-31cm (slightly less than 226 to allow for the conduit).
-===== Floor =====+To the left of the window:
-The floor has damage that will need to be filled. Then it can be painted or covered with vinyl (this is a more practical task than for G1 as the space is small and already empty).+  * <del> 150cm x 54cm (for the function generator ​and HP power supply) </​del>​ 
 +  * 150cm x 25-30cm (for oscilloscope,​ soldering tools, etc)
-ESD flooring has been proposed but is likely to be expensive. We have a roll of ESD flooring but it is soft (anti-fatigue,​ designed for standing workstations) and will be easily torn by chairs.+On the long wall:
-The sink cabinet can support its own (emptyweight if the legs are raised.+  * Many of ~290cm x 30cm (general storage) 
 +  * ~290cm x 25-30cm (for oscilloscope,​ soldering tools, etc)
-===== Networking =====+To the right of the sink, attached to wall and sink unit:
-Cables will be run from the server rack in G11 (2-4 would be appropriate). A UniFi access point will be installed (this is in stock). +  ​Recessed ​shelf for PCB etch tank.
- +
-===== Benches and storage ===== +
- +
-Proposed: 60-80cm benches against the long walls of the room. No bench on the short ends (because corners are too restrictive). Worktops will be installed at ~75cm height for seated use. +
- +
-Use the short end (away from the door) for component drawers and pick bins. Shelving over the benches (some mix of general storage and ready-to-use equipment). +
- +
-==== Cheap IKEA ==== +
- +
-[[https://​​gb/​en/​p/​linnmon-table-top-white-20251139/​|Linnmon 150x75cm]] £25 x4 +
- +
-Cheap, but not very durable. +
- +
-==== Solid Wood ==== +
- +
-[[https://​​itm/​Beech-Worktops-SALE-Farmhouse-Kitchen-Solid-Wood-Worktop-EU-Made/​321370697566|Solid beech worktop 300x62x4cm]] £108 x2 +
- +
-==== Storage ==== +
- +
-On the short (far) wall: +
- +
-  ​pick bins below the conduit +
-  * component drawers above the conduit (up to 7 units can fit across the width of the wall). +
-  * normal shelves above the component drawers +
- +
-Above the conduit over the workbenches we will fit twinslot ​shelf rails: +
- +
-  * 15-30cm shelves above the conduit ​for oscilloscopes,​ soldering gear, etc. +
-  * louvre panels above for other tools and easy-access pick bins. +
-  * normal shelves above the panels. +
- +
-[[http://​​raaco-1200-series-small-parts-storage-cabinet-1260-00-137386-c2x14054698|Raaco 1200]] - £42 each.\\ +
-[[http://​​raaco-bin-wall-panel-c2x14057787|Raaco louvre panel]] - £12 each.\\ +
-Two Raaco panels with bins - £72-£83.+
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