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G14 Setup


These tasks can be started now:

  • Order/source a combined euro-profile and handle for door.
  • Run 4 cat5 cables from G11 rack to G14 roof space
  • Install UniFi access point
  • Order new legs for sink unit
  • Fit benches
    • Straighten the wavy worktop
    • Attach wooden battens to the wall to support the back of the worktops
    • Chamfer/roundover the worktop edges(?)
    • Sand & oil the worktops
      • Coat 1
      • Coat 2
      • Coat 3
    • Attach legs and fit the worktops, attaching them to the battens with L brackets - slotted so they can move up and down a bit(?)

Access control

The door will be fitted with the same type of lock as used for G2 and G8. The lock is currently on order and all other components are in stock.



The floor has damage that will need to be filled. Then it can be painted or covered with vinyl (this is a more practical task than for G1 as the space is small and already empty).

ESD flooring has been proposed but is likely to be expensive. We have a roll of ESD flooring but it is soft (anti-fatigue, designed for standing workstations) and will be easily torn by chairs.

The sink cabinet can support its own (empty) weight if the legs are raised.


Cables will be run from the server rack in G11 (2-4 would be appropriate). A UniFi access point will be installed (this is in stock).

Benches and storage

Proposed: 60-80cm benches against the long walls of the room. No bench on the short ends (because corners are too restrictive). Worktops will be installed at ~75cm height for seated use.

Use the short end (away from the door) for component drawers and pick bins. Shelving over the benches (some mix of general storage and ready-to-use equipment).

Cheap IKEA

Linnmon 150x75cm £25 x4

Cheap, but not very durable.

Solid Wood


On the short (far) wall:

  • pick bins below the conduit
  • component drawers above the conduit (up to 7 units can fit across the width of the wall).
  • normal shelves above the component drawers

Above the conduit over the workbenches we will fit twinslot shelf rails:

  • 15-30cm shelves above the conduit for oscilloscopes, soldering gear, etc.
  • louvre panels above for other tools and easy-access pick bins.
  • normal shelves above the panels.

Raaco 1200 - £42 each.
Raaco louvre panel - £12 each.
Two Raaco panels with bins - £72-£83.

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