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G14 Setup


These tasks can be started now:

  • Order/source a combined euro-profile and handle for door.
  • Run 4 cat5 cables from G11 rack to G14 roof space
  • Install UniFi access point
  • Order new legs for sink unit
  • Fit benches
    • Straighten the wavy worktop
    • Attach wooden battens to the wall to support the back of the worktops
    • Chamfer the worktop edges
    • Sand & oil the worktops
      • Coat 1
      • Coat 2
      • Coat 3
    • Attach legs and fit the worktops, attaching them to the battens with L brackets - slotted so they can move up and down a bit(?)
    • Install more battens to support the worktop corner/edge [only if needed]
  • Find wood to make shelves (mostly 30cm depth, but some deeper for the PSU and function generator)
  • Sort/tidy/prepare electronics components for the move
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