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 ===== Eye candy ===== ===== Eye candy =====
 +==== Off-the-shelf ==== 
 +There are lots of weird cheap DMX lighting fixtures available from ebay/​aliexpress. They'​re nowhere near suitable for any kind of "​real"​ lighting, but for making the lab pretty/​impressive they'​re worth a punt. 
 +  * **[[https://​​itm/​Mini-Stage-Lighting-Beam-LED-Moving-Head-DMX-Spotlight-RGBW-Disco-DJ-Party-Light/​352496170626|£40 moving head beam thingy]]** No gobos, no focus, no zoom, doesn'​t do colour mixing (each colour channel'​s beam comes out of the fixture differently aligned, probably due to separate colour chips) but it's fourty quid!
 +==== DIY ====
 +We're hackers, we've made pretty lights before, we can make pretty lights again!
 ===== Control ===== ===== Control =====
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