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 +======Grand opening======
 +=====Friday Sept 17th, 19:00h - 21:00h=====
 +Come down and see the Hacklab space, check out some finished and work in progress projects on display. Provisionally confirmed cool things to see include: an LED matrix hat, robot platform and weird noise making things.
 +Drinks/​snacks available but BYO donations welcome. ​ Bring interesting / entertaining gadgets, projects and ideas.
 +Studio S5,
 +Out Of The Blue
 +The Drill Hall, 36 Dalmeny Street (off Leith Walk)
 +Edinburgh EH6 8RG
 +([[http://​​maps/​place?​cid=18244128342266552887&​q=out+of+the+blue,​+edinburgh map|Map]])
 +Dial 200 on the buzzer, which is on at the small door on the left of the main entrance. ​ If that doesn'​t work, call the Hacklab on 07504 627 741 and we'll come down and let you in.
 +====="​After party"​=====
 +After the opening we'll move over to the Victoria pub, Leith Walk.
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