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Laser Chimney


  • Confirm final size - go outside with a tape measure and see whether 315mm seems reasonable, including extra width for mounting brackets
  • Pick out wall anchors. Need to check what size bolts the mounting brackets will take
  • Pick out flexible ducting for fan → window connection. DuctStore has some good stuff but 5m minimum. Probably go with the same stuff we got for the big laser?

Shopping list

  • RPCL315-200 | 315mm - 200mm Reducer with Seals | QTY1
  • SR | Spiral Tube - 3m Lengths 315mm | QTY4
  • HAN315 | 315 dia Jet Cowl | QTY1
  • NPL315 | 315mm Male Couplers with Seals | QTY3
  • VDK-200 | 200 Self-Drilling Screws + Drill Adapter | QTY1

  • Ducting Vertical Mount Wall Bracket | QTY?
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