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Laser Chimney


  • Confirm final size - go outside with a tape measure and see whether 315mm seems reasonable, including extra width for mounting brackets
  • Pick out wall anchors. Need to check what size bolts the mounting brackets will take
  • Pick out flexible ducting for fan → window connection. DuctStore has some good stuff but 5m minimum. Probably go with the same stuff we got for the big laser?

Shopping list

Code Description Quantity Line Cost
SR (200mm) Spiral Tube - 3m Lengths 4 129.74
NPL200 200mm Male Couplers with Seals 4 12.77
HAN200 200mm dia Jet Cowl 1 82.30
VDK-200 200 Self-Drilling Screws + Drill Adapter 1 7.08
VWBS (200mm, 50mm) Wall Supports - Vertical Ducts 8 129.02

Total: £360.91 inc VAT (free delivery over £200)

  • Ducting Vertical Mount Wall Bracket | QTY?
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