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Laser Chimney

Our laser cutting is currently restricted to the hours of 8pm to 8am to avoid annoying the users of the Summerhall courtyard with smelly fumes.

We are in the process of installing a duct to take the fumes to roof level.


The fan and ducting has been installed.


  • Order and fit flexible hose and internal ducting.

Items needed:

  • 200mm flexible duct from fan to G2 window.
  • window entry flange(s)
  • filters to reduce the cleaning required for the fan
  • one-way valve to prevent incoming airflow
  • splitter to supply both laser cutters

Shopping list

Code Description Quantity Line Cost
TSVL200-100 200 dia 45° T Piece with Seals - 100mm Branch 1 15.00
ILS200 200mm dia Flanged Spigot with Seal 2 5.12
DAOSL-200 200 dia Non-return Damper with Seals 1 11.06
RPCL200-150 200mm - 150mm Reducer with Seals 1 7.18
MF 200mm Female Couplers 4 7.80
HC135 Hose Clip Size/Diameter: 60-135mm 1 0.91
HC170 Hose Clip - Size/Diameter: 60-170mm 1 0.94
HC215 Hose Clip - Size/Diameter: 60-215mm 3 3.63
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