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 +======Laser cutter pledges======
 +We have a plan to buy one of these:
 +This will cost us around £3,300 (inc VAT and delivery), but we're aiming for £3600 so we can get materials, a cooler, fire extinguishers,​ etc. More detail on the plan here: [[LaserCutterPlan]] . Who's in? 
 +**We are now collecting all pledged money. <​del>​Struck through</​del>​ pledges have paid up.**
 +<​del>​£50 - Aaron</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£250 - Tine</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£100 - Peter J</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£200 - Al</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£200 - Martin</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£100 - Gareth</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£200 - Tom L</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£100 - Jane</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£50 Chris S (also coming to Edinburgh in September)</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£2000 - John</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£100 - Mike</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£100 - David</​del>​\\
 +<​del>​£100 - John H (joining soon)</​del>​\\
 +£50 - Mikael (coming to Edinburgh in September)\\
 +£100 - Tom H
 +£3550 currently
 +£50 remaining
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