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Mitre saw pledge

Our mitre saw has been out of action for a while now with a broken guard. Also, we don't have any good way of cutting up metal stock and, now that we're doing more metalwork, it would be nice to have that capability.

So I'm proposing to buy a mitre saw designed to cut wood, plastics, aluminium and steel. I've heard a lot of good things about the Evolution range of saws and I reckon the Rage3+ looks like the best bang for buck at £150 for a big 255mm blade, 2kW motor and sliding saw action.

If anyone else would like to throw some money in then please add yourself below. Don't pay right now, we'll follow up later on the list once the target is reached.

2017-05-24: Saw's ordered - please make payments in one of the following ways:

Bank transfer: please use a reference of “mitresaw”, especially if the amount is similar to your monthly subscription.

Cash: into the donation box at the lab.

Card: with iZettle, please use the “Amount” page to enter your pledge amount and give a description like “mitre saw pledge from <yourname>”


Name Amount Paid?
Mike £30 Yes
Tim H £20 Yes
Martin £30 No
Steph £40 Yes (£25+£15)
Tom P £30 Yes
Total £150
Needed £150
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