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-====== Monorail ====== 
-===How to control the monorail=== 
-You can control it from Python over Bluetooth as follow (instruction for a linux distro): 
-  - Install [[http://​​p/​nxt-python/​| python-nxt]] ​ 
-  - Turn it on by pressing the orange button. 
-  - Start python and run the following setup commands: 
-from nxt.bluesock import Bluesock 
-from nxt.motor import Motor 
-ID = '​00:​16:​53:​02:​9B:​DE'​ 
-sock =  BlueSock(ID) 
-brick = sock.connect() 
-motor_a = Motor(brick,​ nxt.motor.PORT_A) 
-motor_b = Motor(brick,​ nxt.motor.PORT_B) 
-motor_c = Motor(brick,​ nxt.motor.PORT_C) 
-You can then control the motors by calling motor.turn(power,​ degrees) 
-e.g. motor_a.turn(127,​ 360). 
-Motor A moves it along the rail, Motor B pans the sensor head and Motor 
-C tilts the sensor head. 
-See the python-nxt documentation for more, you should be able to set up 
-and use the sensors too. 
-===Monorail instrustion=== 
-[[http://​​~martin/​temp/​monorail/​Building%20Instructions%20%5BMonorail%5D.html| Lego Mindstorm ]] 
-The assembly parts for the track are stored in a christmas cardboard box. The box waits for you on a shelf beside the old batteries container. The design for the laser cutter of the ceiling station and connector is stored in [[https://​​HennyN/​Hacklab_monorail |a github rep]]. ​ 
-Ceiling holders: ​     laser-cut from 3mm ply 
-Screws/​threaded rods: M5 
-Rail:                 ​3x19x4000mm Aluminum 
-  * charging station 
-  * junctions 
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