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 ====== Al Bennett ====== ====== Al Bennett ======
-I'm a web developer and electronics nerd. I tweet occasionally as [[http://​​eggfriedrice|@eggfriedrice]]. ​Due to a collective error in judgement, ​I was one of Hacklab'​s directors ​(despite not being able to reliably sign my own name on forms).+{{ :​people:​drone-al.jpg?​nolink&​400|}}I'm a recovering electronic engineer. Now spending more time doing [[https://​​|business]] [[https://​​|things]] rather than wielding a soldering iron. I run Sensational Systems from a couple of rooms at Summerhall. I tweet occasionally as [[http://​​eggfriedrice|@eggfriedrice]]. 
 +I'm one of the Hacklab founders, and due to a collective error in judgement, ​a director for a few years (despite not being able to reliably sign my own name on forms)
 +Things I'm involved in: LoRaWAN, micros and sensors, prototyping and one-off artsy type jobs, gin fillers and process control.
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