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 ====== Andrew (Bart) Simpson ====== ====== Andrew (Bart) Simpson ======
- +Chat to me about plastic moulding, production, SMD soldering, pyrotechnics, ​general DIY, or anything else that takes your fancy.
-Pyrotechnic enthusiast and business owner. Maker of all things electronic for setting off fireworks and other big bangs. +
-I also have an interest in the practical side of radio and communications,​ as well as climbing onto stuff I shouldn'​t. Also swimming in open water and mountain biking :) +
- +
-Chat to me about plastic moulding, production, Cadsoft Eagle, SMD soldering, pyrotechnics, ​fireworkfiring systems ​or anything else that takes your fancy. +
- +
-[[http://​|]] < The happy smiling online face of the business. +
- +
-[[http://​|]] < This product was partly developed in the Hacklab. +
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