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 +====== David Oxley ======
 +I took the Arduino Workshop at the Hacklab in November 2013, and since then I've had ideas for various projects. I've just finished developing a pair of 'Light Gloves'​ for light painting and clubbing, and an IR trigger to help with astrophotography (See https://​​photo.php?​fbid=10151920345721305&​l=8aa4b93f08 for a star trail taken with the help of the trigger). I'm also working on some remote controlled stair lighting using Neopixels, a GPS logger to fit on a collar, to find out where my cat goes when he's out and about, and some sound / laser activated flash triggers with a photographer friend. ​
 +=== Background ===
 +I studied computer science and electronics at Edinburgh Uni, followed by a multimedia technology Masters degree at Napier Uni, graduating in 1998. Following that, I worked on a knowledge transfer programme with Napier Uni and Memory Corporation on a project to develop mp3 player technology and online music delivery services. After that, I set up in business as Numeriq Ltd in 2004, building web-based systems, initially for clients in the music industry. Since then I've worked with a wide range of clients. My current clients include SRUC, Art in Healthcare, Mapix, and Trackplot. I also have some projects on the go with artists and creative folk. For more about what I do, see http://​ and http://​​in/​davidoxley/​
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