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 +====== Patrick (Paddy) Skillen ======
 +I'm a Software Engineering graduate, and currently studying Biomedical Engineering at Strathclyde. I like building stuff. My girlfriend refuses to get a joint account with me until I stop spending money on gadgets.
 +I've worked as a software dev for various companies, including several years as an industrial automation developer, which was probably my favourite job ever.
 +Main interests:
 +  * Arduino
 +  * Raspberry Pi
 +  * Digital electronics in general
 +  * Software development (Java, C++, C#, databases)
 +  * Web development
 +  * Automation (home, robots, production lines, manufacturing,​ anything)
 +  * 3D printing (currently working on my Prusa i3)
 +I'm moving to Glasgow soon because the commute is getting too much hassle for me, so I won't be around the lab as much as I'd like. I'm happy to offer advice on anything on my interest list. 
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