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   * Current major infrastructure projects:   * Current major infrastructure projects:
-    * [[laserchimney|Fume extraction for laser cutters]] 
     * [[toollockers|NFC-enabled Tool Lockers]]     * [[toollockers|NFC-enabled Tool Lockers]]
     * [[g1_layout|Layout changes in G1 (main room)]]     * [[g1_layout|Layout changes in G1 (main room)]]
     * [[g1_flooring|Flooring in G1 (main room)]]     * [[g1_flooring|Flooring in G1 (main room)]]
     * [[workshop_island|New central workbench in G8 (workshop)]]     * [[workshop_island|New central workbench in G8 (workshop)]]
 +    * [[g14_setup|Installation and Setup of G14 (electronics)]]
   * [[lдsзя_cцttэя|Costa'​s crazy LASER CUTTER project]]   * [[lдsзя_cцttэя|Costa'​s crazy LASER CUTTER project]]
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