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Things To Do / How Can I Help?

Mini Projects

Drill organisation

All of our drills (bits) currently sit in a single box. We should have a storage system for making it easier to find the right type and size, and to see what we have or what is missing.

  • Make or buy an organiser:
    • Multiple holes for each size of drill (because one drill of each size is not enough for a hackerspace)
    • Sections for HSS, brad-point and masonry
  • Audit the drills. Dispose of bad ones. Sharpen where possible. Identify what we need to purchase for replacements/spares.
  • Identify a suitable drill sharpening system to keep the drills in good condition.

Finish moving the workshop from G2 to G8

  • Clean the blue storage bins in G8
  • Move the tools and supplies from G2 to G8
  • Organise the shelves in G8, label them so tools can be returned to the same place each time.
  • Move the chemicals from G1 to G8 (under the sink). Dispose of empty containers.
  • Fit a smoke alarm in G8 (early warning system to avoid causing an evac of Summerhall).

Other Stuff

  • Design a test pattern for checking/calibrating the laser cutter
  • Update OpenStreepMap to identify all the local takeaways
  • Sort the PC parts and peripherals
  • Build a webapp to view Space API data

Completed Projects

Fit shelving under G8 workbenches

We want to install shelving under the section of workbench to the right of the drill press. Just one shelf, to divide the space into two.

Relocate extraction vent in G11 Store Room

The extract vent is currently located in the left corner as you enter the room. It should be relocate to the tile above the rear of the server rack, to better capture the hot air. We have an extra length of flexible hose that should enable this.

Install ventilation in G8 Workshop

We have permission from Summerhall to install a fan in the external wall. There are two sections where previous vents have been bricked-up, and one of these should be opened and a fan installed.

  • Plan how to remove the bricks safely and without damaging the rest of the wall.
  • Source a suitable fan.
  • Do the work…
  • Clean/repaint as required.
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