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-**The TODO list has moved to roundup:** https://​​+====== To-Do (How can I help?) ======
-====== Things To Do / How Can I Help? ======+See also the [[members_nights|Members'​ Nights]] list.
-===== Mini Projects ​=====+===== Small Tasks =====
-==== Drill organisation ====+These should be immediately actionable, describable in a single bullet point and take up to 30 minutes for one person to complete:
-All of our drills (bits) currently sit in a single boxWe should ​have a storage system for making it easier to find the right type and sizeand to see what we have or what is missing.+  * Tidy and clear-out the kitchen cupboardShould only contain cleaning supplies. 
 +  * G1 hifi shelves: replace the short brackets with long brackets (we have a surplus ​and the shelf would be more secure). 
 +  * Laser Cutter #1: Connect the air-flow sensor into the safety loop (in series with the lid switchwater flow sensor, etc). 
 +  * Move G6 (Al's room) access point to G11.
-  * Make or buy an organiser: 
-    * Multiple holes for each size of drill (because one drill of each size is not enough for a hackerspace) 
-    * Sections for HSS, brad-point and masonry 
-  * Audit the drills. Dispose of bad ones. Sharpen where possible. Identify what we need to purchase for replacements/​spares. 
-  * Identify a suitable drill sharpening system to keep the drills in good condition. 
-==== Finish moving the workshop from G2 to G8 ====+===== Bigger Tasks =====
-  * Clean the blue storage bins in G8 +These should be immediately actionable, describable ​in a single bullet point and take 1-3 hours for 1-2 people to complete: 
-  * Move the tools and supplies from G2 to G8 + 
-  * Organise the shelves in G8label them so tools can be returned to the same place each time+  * Pull additional Cat5 cables from between G11 and G14. 
-  * Move the chemicals from G1 to G8 (under the sink). Dispose of empty containers+  * Specify and purchase shelving for G14 (full-lengths300mm depth)
-  * Fit smoke alarm in G8 (early warning system to avoid causing an evac of Summerhall).+  * Install spur for G1 water heater
 +  * Tidy-up the radio corner. 
 +===== Infrastructure Projects ===== 
 +More tasks may be found on the [[start#​projects|infrastructure project pages]]. 
 +===== Mini Projects ===== 
 +Projects might require planning or additional purchases before they can be tackled. Some projects will need their own pages and link from here.
 ==== Repair Tektronix oscilloscope ==== ==== Repair Tektronix oscilloscope ====
Line 27: Line 33:
 Scope has a power supply fault, and probably needs a capacitor replacement. Scope has a power supply fault, and probably needs a capacitor replacement.
-==== Repair Rigol oscilloscope ====+==== Repair Rigol DS1102D ​oscilloscope ====
 One channel has failed, believed to be in the front-end. Device is out of warranty and Rigol cannot offer replacement parts that would be economically worth-while. One channel has failed, believed to be in the front-end. Device is out of warranty and Rigol cannot offer replacement parts that would be economically worth-while.
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   * Design a test pattern for checking/​calibrating the laser cutter   * Design a test pattern for checking/​calibrating the laser cutter
-  * Update OpenStreepMap to identify all the local takeaways 
-  * Sort the PC parts and peripherals 
   * Build a webapp to view [[http://​|Space API]] data   * Build a webapp to view [[http://​|Space API]] data
----- +===== Roundup ​=====
- +
-===== Completed Projects ​===== +
- +
-==== Fit shelving under G8 workbenches ==== +
- +
-We want to install shelving under the section of workbench to the right of the drill press. Just one shelf, to divide the space into two. +
- +
-==== Relocate extraction vent in G11 Store Room ==== +
- +
-The extract vent is currently located in the left corner as you enter the room. It should be relocate to the tile above the rear of the server rack, to better capture the hot air. We have an extra length of flexible hose that should enable this. +
- +
-==== Install ventilation in G8 Workshop ==== +
- +
-We have permission from Summerhall to install a fan in the external wall. There are two sections where previous vents have been bricked-up, and one of these should be opened and a fan installed.+
-  * Plan how to remove the bricks safely and without damaging the rest of the wall. +The roundup tracker has been dropped due to lack of useThe archived list of open issues is as follows:
-  * Source a suitable fan. +
-  * Do the work... +
-  * Clean/​repaint ​as required.+
 +94,​2018-06-03.16:​36:​02,​COSHH Register / Chemicals,​22,​None,​3
 +99,​2018-06-03.10:​17:​27,​Fire safety policy,​22,​None,​3
 +93,​2018-06-03.10:​09:​49,​Update health and safety policy,​22,​None,​3
 +95,​2018-06-03.10:​05:​17,​Near miss / accident register & policy,​22,​None,​3
 +98,​2018-06-03.09:​31:​42,​Electrical Testing / PAT Testing policy / training,​22,​22,​3
 +96,​2018-06-03.09:​21:​59,​Electrical Safety Policy,​22,​None,​3
 +54,​2017-12-08.15:​50:​13,​Create training docs for mitre saw,​4,​None,​1
 +52,​2017-12-08.15:​49:​11,​Create training docs for table saw,​4,​None,​1
 +39,​2019-03-09.18:​45:​32,"​Update ""​Facilities""​ page on the website",​19,​None,​3
 +56,​2018-08-04.18:​02:​06,​Create training docs for bantam lathe,​4,​None,​3
 +17,​2018-06-28.15:​45:​34,​Tidy roof radio/​network equipment,​3,​None,​3
 +73,​2018-04-27.12:​15:​35,​Maintenance on Block B roof ladder,​3,​None,​1
 +88,​2018-04-24.18:​02:​49,​Set up PC for the CNC router,​4,​None,​1
 +87,​2018-04-24.18:​00:​42,​CNC router z-axis counterweight or brake,​4,​None,​1
 +85,​2018-04-24.17:​56:​03,​CNC router dust extraction,​4,​None,​1
 +84,​2018-04-24.17:​55:​39,​CNC router power/​e-stop wiring,​4,​None,​3
 +82,​2018-04-24.17:​47:​53,​Watercooling for the CNC router,​4,​None,​1
 +79,​2018-04-14.20:​48:​15,​Fix Ultimaker 2 LED Strips,​23,​None,​1
 +70,​2018-01-26.03:​13:​28,​Fix CNC spindle probe,4,4,5
 +11,​2018-01-19.00:​04:​51,​Repair Tektronix oscilloscope,​3,​None,​3
 +18,​2018-01-04.22:​31:​50,​Dismantle digital waterfall,​3,​None,​5
 +33,​2017-06-28.00:​23:​48,​Organise chemical storage and COSHH docs,​3,​None,​1
 +32,​2017-06-27.23:​46:​31,​Organise cleaning cupboard,​3,​None,​1
 +4,​2017-04-24.14:​00:​20,​Fix the NovaTurn CNC lathe,​4,​None,​1
 +76,​2019-06-09.10:​00:​41,​NFC tool lockers,​3,​None,​3
 +21,​2018-06-03.18:​42:​30,​Tool access controllers,​3,​3,​5
 +97,​2018-06-03.09:​28:​59,​Membership Policy,​21,​21,​1
 +28,​2018-05-22.09:​46:​27,​Close out the milling pledge,​4,​None,​5
 +9,​2018-05-22.09:​46:​13,​Collect remaining mitre saw pledges,​3,​None,​5
 +67,​2018-05-01.19:​57:​43,​Remote antenna switch for roof->g1 downlink,​3,​None,​3
 +89,​2018-04-25.13:​30:​09,​Mailman 3 mailing lists,3,3,3
 +24,​2018-04-13.09:​54:​56,​Automated do-not-hack stickers,​3,​3,​3
 +20,​2018-01-26.14:​54:​24,​Deploy Loomio for trial,3,3,3
 +104,​2019-05-17.14:​30:​44,​(Sliding) doors under benches in G8,​45,​None,​1
 +102,​2019-03-23.11:​45:​06,​test subject,​3,​3,​3
 +63,​2018-12-18.14:​30:​07,​Build new test lead organisation fixture,​23,​None,​3
 +69,​2018-07-18.13:​23:​09,​SatNOGS station,​3,​None,​3
 +47,​2018-04-28.15:​54:​46,​Test/​fix reflow oven,​4,​None,​3
 +92,​2018-04-27.12:​10:​08,​Name Badge Printer / Visitor Sign In,​22,​None,​1
 +91,​2018-04-27.12:​03:​35,​Hot Water for G1,3,None,3
 +90,​2018-04-25.14:​42:​53,​Consumables Inventory,​23,​None,​3
 +83,​2018-04-24.18:​17:​54,​Spindle/​VFD control from LinuxCNC,​4,​None,​1
 +86,​2018-04-24.18:​17:​45,​Tool touchoff pad for the CNC router,​4,​None,​1
 +61,​2018-03-31.05:​57:​11,​Build new terminal unit for HP bench power supply,​3,​None,​3
 +26,​2018-03-03.01:​07:​58,​Install roof-top weather station,​3,​10,​3
 +59,​2018-02-02.15:​45:​46,​Replace taps in G8 and G11,​21,​None,​3
 +60,​2018-01-25.15:​21:​14,​Obtain BNC cables and such for Oscilloscope/​Signal Generators,​23,​None,​3
 +58,​2018-01-03.00:​14:​14,​Purchase vacuum desoldering pump,​3,​None,​1
 +30,​2017-06-11.16:​09:​24,​3D Printing Supplies,​15,​15,​1
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