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Hacklab Waterfall

We collaborating currently to make a waterfall happening. Grace kicked off this project and here are the challenge you can participate to make it happen.

challenge: Lasercutter

Grave produced a The linked file. It contains a pattern that needs to nest on an acrylic sheet 300mm x 620mm. Find a way to setup the pieces that a maximum number, can be fitted on to sheet. We need to cut on our laser cutter 250 pieces of it. For production we just have four full sheet and one small smaller sheet in stock. Smaller sheet: at least 300mm x 500 mm (Plus 80mm x 120mm)

challenge: Trough Construction

A trough needs to be built to sit below the waterfall, collect the water, and funnel it away to the tank that the pump is sitting in. It needs to be ~2.2m long (the length of the waterfall + 0.2m splash zone), ~0.4m wide, and ~100mm deep. The bottom of the trough needs to be raised ~0.5m off the ground (or at least, to a level safely above the required submerged depth of the pump).

To cover the trough need material that is waterproof and more robust then black bin liner.

Grace suggested: Garden pond material.

Tim suggested:

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