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DIY Book Scanner

There is a project to put an Open Source Book Scanner into every hackerspace. This page is to collect thoughts on costings and fundings for that at the Hacklab.

Personally I (Gareth) believe this could be just as important community resource as the laser cutter and any future 3D printer we procure.

How does it work

TL;DR – Point a camera at a book and take pictures of each page. You might build a special rig to do it. Process those pictures with our free programs. Enjoy reading on the device of your choice.


Based on the pre-cut kit and a couple of second-hand Canon Powershots, I think we can pull together a build with £500 of pledges.


Shopping List

Not got:


  • First Canon Powershot A2200 (Gareth picked up for £40 on the 'Bay)
  • Raspberry Pi controller (Gareth donation)
  • 8GB Class 10 card for Raspberry Pi (Gareth, £4)
  • O2 Joggler for web interface?

Random stuff we can probably scrounge up:

  • footswitch for triggering
  • 2xSD cards for cameras (8GB pref)
  • USB Hub

The Standard DIY Book Scanner


The landing topic for the build is here:

OSH2011 talk here:

Kits without cameras and controllers available for the EU here €549 (£435 on today's rate):

Canon Powershot :

Open questions

  • What kind of compute do we need around it?
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