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DIY Book Scanner

There is a project to put an Open Source Book Scanner into every hackerspace. This page is to collect thoughts on costings and fundings for that at the Hacklab.

Personally I (Gareth) believe this could be just as important community resource as the laser cutter and any future 3D printer we procure.

How does it work

TL;DR – Point a camera at a book and take pictures of each page. You might build a special rig to do it. Process those pictures with our free programs. Enjoy reading on the device of your choice.


Based on the pre-cut kit and a couple of second-hand Canon Powershots, I think we can pull together a build with £500 of pledges.


Shopping List

Not got:


  • First Canon Powershot A2200 (Gareth picked up for £40 on the 'Bay)
  • Raspberry Pi controller (Gareth donation)
  • 8GB Class 10 card for Raspberry Pi (Gareth, £4)
  • O2 Joggler for web interface?

Random stuff we can probably scrounge up:

  • footswitch for triggering
  • 2xSD cards for cameras (8GB pref)
  • USB Hub

The Standard DIY Book Scanner


Size: from email exchange with Mike van der Borre:

I just measured it. Dimensions:
* 91cm high at its highest
* 66cm wide at its widest
* 49 deep at its deepest
You could take it apart into three pieces for storage without removing any fasteners. In that case, the width would stay the same, but the max height for the highest part would be 47 cm.

The landing topic for the build is here:

OSH2011 talk here:

Kits without cameras and controllers available for the EU here €549 (£435 on today's rate):

Canon Powershot :

Open questions

  • What kind of compute do we need around it?
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