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This is an attempt at an inventory of consumables, listing what we should have, where it belongs and where to order more. See also tools.

Be careful about adding new items. This page should reflect reality (or a slightly tidied-up version of it). Everything else goes in wishlist.

Description Location Purchase
Hot glue sticks 7mm G1 - Electronics - Drawer 3 Amazon/eBay
Hot glue sticks 11mm G1 - Electronics - Drawer 3 Amazon/eBay
Header pins 2.54mm female G1 - Electronics - Component Drawers eBay
Header pins 2.54mm male G1 - Electronics - Component Drawers eBay
PCB screw terminals 5.08mm G1 - Electronics - Component Drawers eBay
Self-adhesive Hook/Loop Tape 20mm G1 - Electronics - Drawer 3 eBay
Brother TZe Label Tape black-on-white 18mm G1 - Electronics - Drawer 4 Amazon
Brother TZe Label Tape black-on-white 9mm G1 - Electronics - Drawer 4 Amazon
Nitrile gloves (large) G1 - Chemicals Amazon
TODO: Fuses BS1362: 1A, 3A, 5A, 10A, 13A
Fuses 20mm quick-blow glass 100mA FF03061
Fuses 20mm quick-blow glass 200mA FF03064
Fuses 20mm quick-blow glass 250mA FF03065
Fuses 20mm quick-blow glass 500mA FF03068
Fuses 20mm quick-blow glass 1A FF03071
Fuses 20mm quick-blow glass 2A FF03074
Fuses 20mm quick-blow glass 3.15A FF03076
Fuses 20mm quick-blow glass 5A FF03078
TODO: Fuses Blade ATO (Regular): …
TODO: Fuses Blade ATM (Mini): …
TODO: Fuses: any others required for lab multimeters
TODO: BC337 TO-92 NPN transistor
TODO: BC327 TO-92 PNP transistor
MOSFET N-Channel BS170 SC06956
TODO: BS250P TO-92 P-channel MOSFET
TODO: 7805 TO-92 linear voltage regulator
TODO: 7805 TO-220 linear voltage regulator
TODO: 3.3V LDO TO-92
TODO: resistors
TODO: capacitors
TODO: 3.3V↔5V buffers (if cost allows)

Wood Screws

Planned purchase of Screwfix Goldscrew PZ

3.5mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
16mm X
20mm X
25mm X
30mm X
40mm X X
50mm X X
60mm X
70mm X
80mm X
100mm X

Metric Fasteners

We keep the a stock of metric fasteners in G8.

Note: The format of this section is under discussion, as is the format of (potential) location codes. If you didn't know we have location codes… well, we don't!

Location Code Thread Description / Specification Manufacturer Farnell Ordercode
G8-CabG-A1 M3 6mm Countersunk Pozidrive TR Fasteners


Hook-Up Wire:

Black Red Yellow Blue White Orange Green
1/0.6mm CB19926 CB19930 CB19932 CB19927 CB19931 CB19929 CB19928
7/0.2mm CB19841 CB19862 CB19871 CB19844 CB19868 CB19856 CB19850
16/0.2mm CB19874 CB19895

Re-order Codes

For CPC:

CB19926,1,1/0.6mm black
CB19930,1,1/0.6mm red
CB19932,1,1/0.6mm yellow
CB19927,1,1/0.6mm blue
CB19931,1,1/0.6mm white
CB19929,1,1/0.6mm orange
CB19928,1,1/0.6mm green
CB19841,1,7/0.2mm black
CB19862,1,7/0.2mm red
CB19871,1,7/0.2mm yellow
CB19844,1,7/0.2mm blue
CB19868,1,7/0.2mm white
CB19856,1,7/0.2mm orange
CB19850,1,7/0.2mm green
CB19874,1,16/0.2mm black
CB19895,1,16/0.2mm red
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