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Edinburgh Hacklab

The purposes of the Hacklab are:

  • To promote and and encourage technical, scientific and artistic skills and innovation through individual projects, collaboration and education;
  • To provide open events to allow the wider community to meet and socialise together;
  • To promote and support the use and development of free and open technologies, standards, ideas, hardware and software for the benefit of all;
  • To provide a shared physical workspace, tools, storage and other resources for its members;
  • To work with other bodies with similar or complementary objectives.

Members may access the Members Area for meeting minutes and accounts.

Hacklab People and Groups

Using the Lab

Tools, Equipment and Spaces

G1 Social Space

Currently undergoing major refurbishment:

G1 Kitchen

Laser Cutting

3D printing

G8 Workshop and Tools





Amateur Radio


Newer, maybe more organised project pages

Older project pages



How Can I Help?

More information about Edinburgh Hacklab is available on our main website. Members may access the Members Area.

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