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COVID-19 Status

The lab is open!

For public information on open nights see COVID-19 Visitor Information.

See the full COVID policy here.

Edinburgh Hacklab

The purposes of the Hacklab are:

  • To promote and and encourage technical, scientific and artistic skills and innovation through individual projects, collaboration and education;
  • To provide open events to allow the wider community to meet and socialise together;
  • To promote and support the use and development of free and open technologies, standards, ideas, hardware and software for the benefit of all;
  • To provide a shared physical workspace, tools, storage and other resources for its members;
  • To work with other bodies with similar or complementary objectives.

Members may access the Members Area for meeting minutes and accounts.

Hacklab People and Groups

  • People - Meet the gang, add yourself!
  • Groups - See the Interest Groups and join in

Using the Lab

Tools, Equipment and Spaces

G1 Social Space

Currently undergoing major refurbishment:

G1 Kitchen

Laser Cutting

3D printing

G8 Workshop and Tools





Amateur Radio


Newer, maybe more organised project pages

Older project pages



How Can I Help?

More information about Edinburgh Hacklab is available on our main website. Members may access the Members Area.

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