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Bottled Drinks

Caffeination Guide

Drink caffeine mg / 100ml
Fritz Cola 25
Fritz Mate 25
Fritz Coffee 25
Club Mate 20
Club Mate Cola 15
Mischmasch 6.5
ChariTea Mate ?
ChariTea Green ?
ChariTea Black ?

For comparison, Coca Cola has 9.6mg / 100ml (sources vary for this nu mber).


Club Mate 500ml £2.00
Club Mate 330ml £1.50
Mate Cola 330ml £1.50
Fritz Mate/Kola/Limo/Spritz/Coffee 330ml £1.50
MISCHMASCH 330ml £1.50
Left Field Kombucha £2.40 £2.00
Yogi Mate £2.30 £2.00
ChariTea Sparkling Mate £1.60
ChariTea Black Tea & Lemon £1.60
ChariTea Green Tea & Ginger £1.60
Lemonaid Passion Fruit £1.80


Drinks are ordered from Alter Drinks. The person who's currently volunteering to manage the bar is ~alfie. Account numbers/etc can be found at drinks.

At the moment, we order 330ml bottles only. Whilst 500ml bottles of Club Mate are “correct”, they're a bit of a commitment and don't really fit the fridge very well.

There is currently Google Spreadsheet where we track bar stock. We're not very good at this, so sometimes we order too much of one thing, or not enough of another thing. Ideally, we should be counting stock every other week, or failing that, monthly.

~alfie might move the spreadsheet to Nextcloud so it doesn't require a Google account.

Re-stocking the fridge

Everyone should lend a hand in re-stocking the fridge.

The fridge currently has two shelves, and two weird wine-rack shelf things.

~alfie thinks that the bottom shelf should be half-and-half Club Mate / Fritz Kola, because these are the things we drink most of, with the shelf above being filled with A Bit Of Everything Else.

The wine-rack bit is suitable for 500ml bottles of Club Mate, but we don't order those anymore, so, uh… have fun.

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