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EMF Camp 2024

Ideas / Proposals

It would be cool to plan out some decorations / installations for our village tent - other people at the camp brought RGB led strings, lights and radio antennas last time


Who's going?

Name Travel Comments
Cameron Driving Can carry a few things
Logan with Cameron
Ben (+1) Driving
Tim K (+1) Driving Arriving 10:00+
Simon Train Arriving 12:59 / Leaving 10:00
Jacob Train Arriving 12:59
Mike Driving Arriving Thu ~4-6pm
Miron Train Arriving 12:59
Tim H (+1) Driving Arriving Thu 3-6pm.
Barney (+2) Driving Will have space for cargo
Dan F Train Arriving 12:59
Dylan Driving (if I pass my driving test)
Jules with Dylan
Martin (±1) Might not be staying in Hacklab village
Peter J Likely arriving early and doing site build
Bart, Sean, +3
Robert Train
Al B ?
Andrei S Train Arriving 12:59
Ryan (+1) ?
Pia ?

Post on the list to arrange car sharing


Discord: #emfcamp on Hacklab Discord (invite)
Mailing list:

Equipment Hire

We are hiring a 6x6m “Pagoda” marquee, 3 tables and 20 chairs on behalf of the Hacklab village.

What are we bringing?


Thing Person Notes
Robot arm Allie & Eth Leaving 23rd May


Camping Gear

Who is bringing what, for the Edinburgh Hacklab village:

Thing Person
16A 3-way splitter Simon (in coolbox)
Electric coolbox Simon (in Cameron's car)
10m 10A extension, 10 way 13A extension,
6m 16A cable, 13A to 16A plug/twin socket,
4×3-way adapter
Simon (in coolbox)
200 LED string running Python scripts Simon (in coolbox)
8“ frying pan Simon (in coolbox)
2x moon chair Simon (in Cameron's car)
21m 16A cable
+ audio kit for the robot
Simon (in Tim H's car)
12” frying pan Jacob
Stove Cameron
Electric kettle Mike
Anker 10 port USB charger Mike
2nd stove (butane cartridge) Tim H
2nd electric coolbox Tim H
2L stove-top kettle Tim H
10L water carrier Tim H
Cabling: 50m patch, assorted cat5 from lab,
RJ45 connectors+tool+tester, couplers, pvc tape
Tim H
Telecoms: fax machine, paper, analogue phone,
minitel terminal, 4-way master trunk socket,
56K serial modem
Tim H
8-port switch Tim H
12-way 3m 13A power strip Tim H


Thing Person
plastic plates Tim H

This is what we had last time for communal stuff:

Thing Person
25m 16A cable, 16A 3-way splitter, ~6m 16A cable Simon
Twin sockets on 16A ~2m cable with power meter, 2 adapters Simon
Electric coolbox Simon (in Barney's car)
10m 10A extension, 10 way 13A extension Simon (in coolbox)
Electric coolbox Tim H
10 way 13A extension Mike?
Fax machine (Hacklab)
Gas stove (cartridge type) Tim H
Anker 10 port USB charger
2x moon chair Simon (in Barney's car)


Jacob is happy to cook 1 meal a day for the group (and potentially a small amount more people) providing everyone chips in, menu and cost TBC, please list any dietary requirements or message Jacob. It'd be helpful if somebody could drive through to a nearby shop mid-event to pickup extra ingredients to avoid storing too many food items.

Shared Expenses

Description Amount Who

The shared costs were around £?? per person. This will be processed via Hacklab, so please make payments to the lab via bank transfer, izettle or cash into the donation box. Use reference “EMF”.

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