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EMF Camp 2024

Ideas / Proposals

It would be cool to plan out some decorations / installations for our village tent - other people at the camp brought RGB led strings, lights and radio antennas last time


Who's going?

Name Travel Comments
Cameron Driving Can carry a few things
Logan Driving with Cameron
Ben (+1) Driving
Tim K (+1) Driving
Simon Train Arriving 14:59 / Leaving 10:00
Jacob Train
Mike ? Could drive a van if there's enough interest/cargo
Miron Train?
Tim H (+1) Driving Might have capacity for 1 extra person, or cargo
Barney (+1) Driving Will have space for cargo, may be able to take extra people, but I may split journey on way down
Dan F Driving Can take passengers, cargo, or a mixture. Hatchback capacity (Corsa).
Dylan Driving (if I pass my driving test)
Jules with Dylan
Martin (±1) Might not be staying in Hacklab village
Peter J Likely arriving early and doing site build
Bart, Sean, +3
Robert Train

Would be good to hire a minibus or van
Post on the list to arrange car sharing

Mailing List

Equipment Hire

We are hiring a 6x6m “Pagoda” marquee, 3 tables and 20 chairs on behalf of the Hacklab village.

What are we bringing?



Camping Gear

Who is bringing what, for the Edinburgh Hacklab village:

Thing Person
16A 3-way splitter Simon
Electric coolbox Simon (needs someone to transport it)
10m 10A extension, 10 way 13A extension Simon (in coolbox)
Fax machine + ATA + Paper Hacklab (needs someone to transport it)
Twin sockets on 16A ~2m cable
with power meter (to Grafana
over WiFi), 2 adapters
Simon (needs someone to transport it)


Thing Person
8“ frying pan Simon (needs someone to transport it)
2x moon chair Simon (if someone collects and transports them)
200 LED string running Python scripts Simon (needs someone to transport it)

This is what we had last time for communal stuff:

Thing Person
25m 16A cable, 16A 3-way splitter, ~6m 16A cable Simon
Twin sockets on 16A ~2m cable with power meter, 2 adapters Simon
Electric coolbox Simon (in Barney's car)
10m 10A extension, 10 way 13A extension Simon (in coolbox)
Electric coolbox Tim H
10 way 13A extension Mike?
Fax machine (Hacklab)
Gas stove (cartridge type) Tim H
Anker 10 port USB charger
2x moon chair Simon (in Barney's car)


Jacob is happy to cook 1 meal a day for the group (and potentially a small amount more people) providing everyone chips in, menu and cost TBC, please list any dietary requirements or message Jacob. It'd be helpful if somebody could drive through to a nearby shop mid-event to pickup extra ingredients to avoid storing too many food items.

Shared Expenses

Description Amount Who

The shared costs were around £?? per person. This will be processed via Hacklab, so please make payments to the lab via bank transfer, izettle or cash into the donation box. Use reference “EMF”.

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