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 Objectives for basic use: Objectives for basic use:
-  * awareness of laser and voltage risksand which parts of the cutter should ​remain ​off-limits +  * Awareness that the laser can cause burns and blindnessthat the laser compartment must remain ​closed, and the lid-sensor must not be bypassed. 
-  * powering-up and checking that the cooling and extraction ​are working +  * Awareness that the laser cutter contains high voltages (2kV, 240V) and that users must keep clear of the wiring in the laser compartment and control panel. 
-  * know which materials may be cut safely ​(fire/fume risks) ​and without damaging the cutter with Chlorine (PVC) +  * Know how to power-up the cutter ​and checking that the extraction, water cooling and air assist ​are working. 
-  * the importance ​of monitoring ​the cutter ​while it is active (fire risks) +  * Know which materials may be cut safely, that some plastics may produce chlorine or cyanide gases, ​and that some materials may catch fire more easily than others. 
-  * checking ​the coolant temperature +  * Know that there is risk of fire with *any* material and that the cutter ​must not be left unattended, even for a minute. Know that there is a pause function and an emergency stop. 
-  * basic use of the software+  * Know that the cutter works best with coolant temperature ​between 10-20C, should not usually be used above 25C, and how to check the temperature. 
 +  * Basic use of the software.
   * setting appropriate power/​speeds for different materials   * setting appropriate power/​speeds for different materials
   * using the cutter'​s control panel to move the head/​carriage   * using the cutter'​s control panel to move the head/​carriage
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