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Laser Cutter Training

This is the prototype for a series of training sheets for our expensive or dangerous tools.

Safety Risks:

  • High-power laser can cause burns or severe eye damage
  • Mains 240v inside control panel and high voltages (2kV) in control panel and around laser tube
  • Materials can catch fire
  • Toxic fumes may be produced depending on materials

Objectives for basic use:

  • Awareness that the laser can cause burns and blindness, that the laser compartment must remain closed, and the lid-sensor must not be bypassed.
  • Awareness that the laser cutter contains high voltages (2kV, 240V) and that users must keep clear of the wiring in the laser compartment and control panel.
  • Know how to power-up the cutter and checking that the extraction, water cooling and air assist are working.
  • Know which materials may be cut safely, that some plastics may produce chlorine or cyanide gases, and that some materials may catch fire more easily than others.
  • Know that there is risk of fire with *any* material and that the cutter must not be left unattended, even for a minute. Know that there is a pause function and an emergency stop.
  • Know that the cutter works best with coolant temperature between 10-20C, should not usually be used above 25C, and how to check the temperature.
  • Basic use of the software.
  • setting appropriate power/speeds for different materials
  • using the cutter's control panel to move the head/carriage
  • positioning the workpiece and setting Z (vertical) alignment
  • using the test button before cutting

Objectives for basic maintenance:

  • cleaning mirrors and lens
  • removing dirt and debris
  • checking alignment of laser
  • minor corrections of alignment (mirrors 2 and 3 only)
  • checking alignment of visible laser

Objectives for advanced maintenance:

  • removal of bed for extended cleaning
  • full alignment
  • replacement of laser tube
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