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Members' Nights

At the May 2018 AGM we agreed to hold some members' afternoons/nights where we would focus on the lab instead of personal projects.

  • sessions will be on a regular published schedule so that everyone knows when they happen
  • visitors allowed by invitation, to get involved and to get to know us
  • personal guests allowed if they help out
  • no personal projects, everyone is expected to be working to improve the lab

Optionally, at the start of the session we may have a meeting to make decisions that couldn't be reached on the mailing list:

  • topics must be published in advance and discussed on the mailing list first
  • members who can't attend the meeting may ask for their opinions to be passed along by proxy


Alternating between Thu 19:00 and Sat 15:00, three hours in length. Start slow with a session every two weeks, increase to weekly if we can sustain it.

Thursday 14th March, 7pm
Saturday 30th March, 3pm
Thursday 11th April, 7pm
Saturday 27th April, 3pm
Thursday 9th May, 7pm

Activity Ideas

  • Main Room
    • Tidy all the surfaces
    • Remove out of date food from the fridge
    • Re-stock the shop
    • Install CAT5 cables:
      • 4x CAT5e between G1 (above door) and G11 (rack)
      • 2x CAT5e from G1 (above door) to G1 Window patch points
    • Radio corner: remove wooden drawer unit to allow proper access to screwdrivers
    • Electronics: sort/organise/purge the electronics storage (shelves above work area, shelves behind door)
  • Workshop
    • Tidy all the surfaces
    • Empty the vacuum cleaners and dust extractor
    • Sort the junk pile underneath the CNC router
    • Organise the boxes of power tools
    • Test/fit Sonoff fan controller (for the wall extractor fan)
    • Finish bandsaw training material
    • Train users on the big bandsaw
  • Laser Room
    • Sort scrap materials
    • Empty bins
    • Build a tool controller for small laser cutter
  • Store Room
    • Install shelves above 3D printers
    • Sort PC & computer stock
    • Sort AV equipment
  • Train lab users on the restricted tools
  • Install shelves in radio corner
  • Assemble additional tool access controllers
  • Install CNC router
  • Collaborate on policy documentation
  • Work together on new training documents
  • SatNOGS antenna rotator
  • Build a stand for the traffic lights that will allow them to be installed outside
  • Install a new antenna mounting frame on the roof
  • Install lockers for secure tool storage

Look for more ideas at

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