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Members' Nights

At the May 2018 AGM we agreed to hold some members' afternoons/nights where we would focus on the lab instead of personal projects.

  • sessions will be on a regular published schedule so that everyone knows when they happen
  • visitors allowed by invitation, to get involved and to get to know us
  • personal guests allowed if they help out
  • no personal projects, everyone is expected to be working to improve the lab

Optionally, at the start of the session we may have a meeting to make decisions that couldn't be reached on the mailing list:

  • topics must be published in advance and discussed on the mailing list first
  • members who can't attend the meeting may ask for their opinions to be passed along by proxy


Alternating between Thu 19:00 and Sat 15:00, three hours in length. Start slow with a session every two weeks, increase to weekly if we can sustain it.

Thursday 12th March, 7pm
Saturday 21st March, 3pm

Activity Ideas

  • Main Room
    • Regular task: Tidy all the surfaces
    • Regular task: Remove out of date food from the fridge
    • Regular task: Re-stock the shop
    • Semi-regular task: Organise the electronics storage
    • Semi-regular task: Organise “Tapes and Glues” drawer
    • Install CAT5 cables:
      • 4x CAT5e between G1 (above door) and G11 (rack)
      • 2x CAT5e from G1 (above door) to G1 Window patch points
    • Organise kitchen shelves:
      • reduce coffee/hot-chocolate to one 9L box
    • Radio Corner:
      • Tidy-up and reduce the footprint of the radio corner
      • Install decent RF earth? (pipework?)
      • Finish putting the Icom radio back together
      • Make a microphone cable for the Icom
      • Make a SignaLink cable for the Icom
  • Workshop
    • Regular task: Tidy all the surfaces
    • Regular task: Empty the vacuum cleaners and dust extractor
    • Regular task: Train new users on power tools
    • Sort the junk pile underneath the CNC router
    • Organise the boxes of power tools (small and closed boxes instead of a single pile)
    • Make a rack for large timber stock
    • Safety training docs for table saw
    • Safety training docs for mitre saw
    • Safety training docs for Bantam lathe
  • Laser Room
    • Regular task: Sort scrap materials
    • Regular task: Empty bins
  • Store Room
    • Sort PC & computer stock
    • Sort AV equipment
  • Collaborate on policy documentation
  • SatNOGS antenna rotator
  • Install a new antenna mounting frame on the roof
  • Cleaning Party! (proposed themed session)
    • This is an idea proposed by alfie
    • The lab is a mess. Let's have a cleaning party to tidy it up.
    • Lab is closed to general use - any members who attend during the cleaning party must participate or go home
    • BIG tidy up
      • Every item on every surface should be picked up and put somewhere sensible
        • The sensible place for clutter is in the bin - ruthlessness is key.
      • Sort
      • Bribe some members with cars to take some clutter/e-waste to the dump (bribes to be decided)
    • Deep clean
      • hoover every flat surface
      • mop all the floors
      • bleach & scrub work surfaces
      • clean tables / food prep area
    • Lab buys pizza afterwards for everyone who contributed? maybe? there needs to be an incentive otherwise people just won't get involved

Look for more ideas at To-Do (How can I help?).

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