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 +Just a heads up, as those of you who joined in the last couple of years
 +won't have seen this kit when it was last actually set up and running.
 +When you next come in the lab you will see six red cameras mounted
 +around the top of the room. These are not spying on you. They do not
 +take normal images, and are only good for seeing specially made markers
 +using infrared light. They are also not switched on except when in use.
 +Should you choose to attach some markers to something though, then they
 +will let you track that object in real time, to millimetre accuracy at
 +100 frames per second, within a volume from the surface of the central
 +table up to about 1.5m above it.
 +This is useful for lots of robotics and real time control projects. In
 +the past we had toy quadcopters flying around under precision control
 +using it, and now David is planning to use it with his hexapods.
 +The equipment is in my care and does not belong to the lab, but I am
 +happy for other members to make use of it with permission. Please see me
 +for training if you would like to use it.
 +Please take care not to disturb the cameras. The system is calibrated
 +now and any movement of them will prevent it working correctly until
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