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 {{:​small_pillar_drill.jpg?​300}} {{:​small_pillar_drill.jpg?​300}}
 {{:​large_pillar_drill.jpg?​300}} {{:​large_pillar_drill.jpg?​300}}
 +Left (small pillar drill): Tull LT-16J
 +  * Adjusting the belt tension and changing the speed is done with the big nut and bolt on the right side, which allows the motor to pivot. [[https://​​YzNWuumF-L8?​t=25|Video on changing the speed]] ​
 +Right (Large Blue pillar drill): Union PD2 by Boxford
 +  * [[http://​​boxford-drills/​|http://​​boxford-drills/​]]
 +  * If you oil the stand of the blue pillar drill with PTFE lubricant, the table becomes much easier to move up and down
 +  * Blue drill has an integrated thermal overload relay which is supposed to cut out above 2 Amps when overloaded (don't try triggering it though)
 +[[https://​​watch?​v=fGbnim4GcAE|How to use a pillar drill]]
 +Maintenance log for Tull:
 +  * 22 Sept 2020 - Belts fitted, drill works
 +  * 14 Sept 2020 - Motor replaced. It was slightly taller and box around the belt didn't allow it to pivot enough to tension the belts - the hole in the box for the motor was enlarged and slightly shorter belts were ordered
 +    * [[https://​​itm/​OFFICIAL-AmTecs-Distributor-Single-Phase-Motor-AMAS-R-Aluminium-240v-Perm-Cap/​142515345344|Motor:​]] Output (kW Rating): 0.55kW, Speed (RPM): 4 Pole (1500rpm), Motor Mounting Options: B3 Foot, Frame Size: D80
 +    * [[https://​​itm/​223908055783|Belts:​]] SPZ562
 +  * 4 Sept 2020 - Tull drill press motor started smoking after a piece of metal fell inside (speculation) when cleaning the top box
 +Maintenance log for Union:
 +  * 28 Sept 2020 - Union drill fixed. The a coil on one of the poles of the thermal overload relay integrated into the NVR contactor melted. Fix was to replace it with the coil from the unused pole of 3 phase contactor.
 +  * 13 Sept 2020 - Union drill reported broken
 +  * (couple years ago, 2017?) Union pillar drill hacked to work with 230V single phase instead of 400V three phase.
 +    *  "Costa and I fitted it with a DC supply for the contactor'​s latching electromagnet via a mains capacitor drop so it would work off a 240V supply after the motor was replaced (it wouldn'​t latch when fed with 240V AC). The motor supply is switched by one of the contactor'​s three sets of fingers. IIRC the required DC voltage to the electromagnet to get it to latch was about 60V -- much more and it would overheat."​ - Rob Sneddon
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