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al Note about cutters
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   * I2C LCD adapter (re-stock for Tim)   * I2C LCD adapter (re-stock for Tim)
   * [[https://​​itm/​352720099485|Heat Shrink Tubing]]   * [[https://​​itm/​352720099485|Heat Shrink Tubing]]
-  * [[https://​​itm/​Durable-Electrical-Side-Snips-Flush-Pliers-Wire-Cable-Cutter-Cutting-Pliers-Tool/​373447303916?​hash=item56f331a2ec:​g:​hLYAAOSw41xgGPm-|Cheap Flush cutters x3]]+  * [[https://​​itm/​Durable-Electrical-Side-Snips-Flush-Pliers-Wire-Cable-Cutter-Cutting-Pliers-Tool/​373447303916?​hash=item56f331a2ec:​g:​hLYAAOSw41xgGPm-|Cheap Flush cutters x3]] (Al suggests not getting these cos they'​re really shit)
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