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Pending Deliveries

  • Chairs
  • Sandpaper
  • LED panels

Small Stuff

What small items does the lab need? You can help by doing the research and listing the best item, price and quantity. Preferred suppliers are CPC, Farnell, Amazon and eBay.


code,quantity,description <- quick-paste format


code,quantity,description <- quick-paste format
Various nuts



  • 0603 SMT resistors/caps
  • I2C LCD adapter (re-stock for Tim)
  • Door hold for G1 - not this exact model, wait for 12V version around £30-35.
  • Door hold for G14 (or other rooms)


  • Replacement Metcal soldering tip?





Small Tools

Tool Cost
VDE tools (screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, voltage tester) £26.99 or £49.39
Combination spanners, replacement/spares
Hole reamer £20 or £48
Bosch cordless glue gun £34

Health and Safety

Tool Cost
PAT Tester £260
PAT Labels £26
First aid kit, eye wash stations £120
Chemical storage cabinet £150-250
RCD sockets for electronics area (11 twin sockets) £156
Workshop Aprons, decent quality waxed canvas - best 2 of them £16.99
Laser Safety Goggles £25

Better safety overspectacles:

The only prescription safety glasses site that actually mentions pricing:

Fire Extinguishers

Makita 18V Cordless System

There is some support for the lab to start purchasing good quality cordless tools. Makita seems the most popular option, with a single system being desirable for sharing of batteries. These purchases will be postponed until we have suitable secure storage. Purchases have started where there were good price opportunities.

Purchased already:

Dual charger
4x 5.0Ah batteries
DJV181Z jigsaw
DTD154Z impact driver
DGA517 angle grinder
DHS680 circular saw
DCL180Z vacuum
DHP484 Drill

Wanted, in approximate priority order…

Tool Cost Notes
DHP481 combi drill £159 Heavy-duty option but weighs 50% more
DTM51 oscillating multi-tool £105
DBO180Z orbital sander £82
DHP484 DHP485 DDF484 DDF485 drill (lighter) £90-100

Other suggestions: die grinder, router/trimmer, planer.


  • RMJ suffix = with battery
  • Z suffix = tool body only
  • DDF = drill drivers (no hammer mode)
  • DHP = combi drill (with hammer mode)
  • DHP481 (heavy and powerful model, Tim K has one)
  • DHP484 (intermediate model) replaces DHP480
  • DHP485 (intermediate model) replaces DHP459
  • DHP484 is slightly heavier and stronger than DHP485, but not by much

Impact Bit Sets:

Air compressor

  • Big enough to serve multiple users in multiple rooms
  • Quiet enough for the workshop, or able to be boxed-in with acoustic panels
  • Air lines to other rooms


  • Better bandsaw, probably Startrite
  • Planer-thicknesser-jointer
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