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This page is used to track shopping lists and orders that are in progress.

Does the lab need a thing? Want to help keep things in stock? See the Hacklab Purchases Policy to find out how we buy things, and then add things here!

Pending Deliveries

Small Stuff

What small items does the lab need? You can help by doing the research and listing the best item, price and quantity. Preferred suppliers are CPC, Farnell, Amazon and eBay.

TODO / Source:

* Metcal bits. The larger one we had broke. Probably want medium / large conical and/or the ones that are like a cone with diagonal slice off the end.

* Convection heaters. Current one broke. Should have ones for G1, G14. Not much space in G2 for it.


code,quantity,description <- quick-paste format
CN19675,5, 3.5mm connectors for shop
AV11139,2, 3.5mm connectors for tablecable (and one for allie) 


code,quantity,description <- quick-paste format








Small Tools

Tool Cost
VDE tools (screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, voltage tester) £26.99 or £49.39
Combination spanners, replacement/spares
Hole reamer £20 or £48

Health and Safety

Tool Cost
PAT Tester £260
PAT Labels £26
First aid kit, eye wash stations £120
Chemical storage cabinet £150-250
RCD sockets for G14 electronics area (8 twin sockets) See below
Workshop Aprons, decent quality waxed canvas - best 2 of them £16.99
Laser Safety Goggles £25

Better safety overspectacles:

The only prescription safety glasses site that actually mentions pricing:

Fire Extinguishers

Air compressor


  • Big enough to serve multiple users in multiple rooms
  • Quiet enough for the workshop, or able to be boxed-in with acoustic panels
  • Air lines to other rooms

Cheap-Powerful-Quiet: pick two. Tim suggests that we go for a quiet oil-less 25-50L system. It would be sufficient for adhoc dust blowing, nail guns and other low-power tools, but not for heavy-duty tools (sanding, die-grinders, impact drivers). We have Makita for those.

Optionally, run a hose to G14 and we could get a pnuematic glue/solder-paste dispenser for SMD work.

Orazio 24L compressor £130 (£240 for 45L model). This is a cheap Chinese option. Reviews are mostly okay, but there might be some quality control issues where we have to make minor fixes before use.

CompuCleaner electric duster is good for IT work.

Electronics (G14)


  • 4x twin RCD sockets on each side of the room
  • 2x network ports on each side of the room
  • Replace socket nearest sink with an RCD socket, use the original to replace faulty socket on the other wall
  • Install FCU for door controller

We already have 1 FCU in the store room.



  • CEF £119.43 arriving 2020-02-10
  • Screwfix £146.19
  • Total £265.62
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