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Edinburgh Hacklab Security Policy

This document is still being written. Expect the wording to change rapidly, althouth the spirit will largely remain the same.

This is a work-in-progress living document which details the Hacklab's policies and guidelines regarding security. Please solicit feedback from mailing list and/or Directors when making changes to this policy.

All members are responsible for the safety and security of the Hacklab, and are expected to behave as such.

Do not give your Hacklab NFC Token to any other person. You are entirely responsible for anything that happens using your NFC Token. This includes sharing your token with other members.

Guests and Visitors

  • Members can have non-member Guests at any time.
  • Members are entirely responsible for their Guests.
  • A Guest must clearly “belong” to a Member - Unaccompanied/unmanaged non-members will be asked to leave.
  • Non-members are not permitted in G11 without supervision.
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