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a repetitive well defined task needs a bot. Let's buy together a table top dish washer.

Small enough that anyone can put it on before new form of culture can develop from the dishes.

  • money: current min: £99.99 and max: £379
  • Gum tree search reveals some options
  • delivery
  • an energy efficient table dish washer
    • A table-top dishwasher will take a significant amount of worktop (which is always scarce at the lab). We should get a slimline floor-standing device which could use the under-utilised floor space to the right of the sink. – Tim
  • link to cold water supply
  • link to waste water drainage (something like this - £7.49)
  • electricity

Yes, count me in

  • The Hacklab itself: 100-150 GBP
  • Jane: 10 GBP
  • Al: 10 GBP

For the "I buy you one and install it at the lab" person/org

Awesome, Jane offeres you some tinfoil and a Salmon. And the fish goes to Al in Feb 2014!

What happen to all additional funding

Is a donation to Edinburgh Hacklab.



This needs to be sorted. → needs a purchase

Fish for Al

As further preparation are required to serve the fish in appropriated manner will this event be scheduled to Feb 2014.

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