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Tutoral 3 - cut the keyring

  • Set up the laser cutter - check the hose etc, start up the PC
  • load the software, import the design

Importing from Adobe Illustrator - need to set scale - 1mm to 1 unit is way out…

  • delete borders etc and move the design to a corner

scaling - hold control and grab control points at corners to lock ratio when scaling

To rotate, hit the “rotal” button

  • set the speed and power

Set speed and power, and click the download button. Select the “Download Current” option, and let it download to the laser cutter.

  • place material in the laser cutter

Turn on the laser cutter, and let it set its limits. When the head has stopped moving, place your material on the bed

  • set height

On the laser control panel, press “esc” to clear the selected item (by default the File), then use the arrow keys to move the laser head down and to the right a bit. Place the 63mm measure against the side of the laser head, and press the “z” button to select Z-axis adjust.

Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the height of the head, so that the top of the plate with the laser lens / reflector is level with the 63mm measure. Press “z” again to return to x,y movement.

  • center laser, and test

use the arrow keys to move the laser head to the top right corner of where you want to cut - use the red dot to line it up.

  • cut it
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