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Following a clear-out, we now have one BBC Master and one Model B in good working order.

BBC Master 128 (01-AMB15-0222432)

  • fully working
  • ROM fitted: WE Transferom DD
  • ROM fitted: Logotron LOGO
  • Marked “MJL” but probably donated to Hacklab.
  • Batteries replaced in modern era.
  • Case in reasonable condition but yellowed and dirty.
  • No Econet module.

BBC Model B (Hacklab asset #27)

  • Fully working
  • Issue 7 board
  • 8271 disk controller
  • Econet
  • ZIF ROM socket
  • ROMs: OS 1.20, BASIC, DNFS 1.21, Wordwise
  • PSU capacitors replaced 2018-01.
  • Case in good condition. Clean and intact, minor scuffs only.

Acorn Electron (07-ALA01-0053496):

  • Acorn Electron Plus 3 floppy module (04-ALA13-0102022)
  • 21V power supply

BBC Model B (02-ANB03-1004089):

  • Untested


  • Single 5.25“ 80-track double-sided floppy drive (Watford Electronics)
  • Single 5.12” 40-track single-sided floppy drive (TEAC FD-55AV-10-U)
  • External 6502 Second Processor
  • Microvitec CUB 1451 monitor, serial number 128754
  • AMX mouse
  • STAG SE15 PROM Eraser [Al Bennett]


  • Cassette DIN-7 to DIN-3 + 2.5mm remote
  • 2x Cassette DIN-7 to DIN-7
  • 3x Monitor RGB


  • BBC Microcomputer System User Guide
  • The Advanced User Guide for the BBC Micro
  • BBC Master Reference Manual Part One
  • The Beginner's Programming Handbook in BASIC and Machine Code [Martin]


  • Acornsoft Elite (5.25“ floppy)


  • Assorted ROMs and EEPROMs
  • Assorted 5.25” floppies (data and blanks), cleaning kit

Unsorted donation box containing:

  • QJI Turbo SV121 Joystick (no cable connector)
  • Assorted 5.25“ floppies
  • RGB to UHF modulator

Stuff that we used to have

Tim adopted the equipment that we couldn't justify storing the in lab any more. If you are interested in any of it, please ask as some of it may still be available.

BBC Master 128 (01-AMB15-0011778) * No PSU * No Econet module * No TV modulator * Minor case damage (one missing cartridge slot cover and spring, cracked cartridge slot, minor scratching) * Motherboard has wires soldered to power connectors * Econet header is bent * Keyboard missing “8” key * Keyboard has damaged ribbon cable * OS ROM appears upgraded with a stacked socket (VLI / 551 VM 9481 / 231024-1028 / 0201,843-0 / Acorn / SING-T)

BBC Model B (Hacklab asset #21) * Issue 7 * Case: fair, dirty, no cracks/breaks/scratching, modifications to rear panel (3.5mm socket, two toggle switches, two other holes) * WE 1770 upgrade * WE 32K RAMCARD * ROM fitted: 1770 DFS * ROM fitted: WE 32K RAM * No Econet * No keyboard * Not working (motherboard known to be faulty)


  • Microvitec CUB 1451, serial number 128754, metal/cube, working, dirty, missing one case screw
  • Microvitec CUB 1451/DS4, serial number 272506, plastic
  • RGB cable - 2m moulded, new
  • RGB cable - 1m DIY
  • RGB cable - 1m DIY
  • Watford Electronics dual 5.25” floppy drives in monitor plinth - Switchable 40/80 track. Appears to work.
  • Stag SE15 PROM eraser [Al]

Parts * Model B keyboard 21242 - no keys, some missing switches * Model B keyboard 12252 - all keys present, some track damage and repairs, bent connector * Model B keyboard 05042 - all keys present, reasonable condition but untested, ribbon cable included

Box 1

  • 6502 Second Processor (external “cheese wedge”) 03-ANC01-1005471 - working
  • Component box containing:
    • EPROMs
    • MC68854P
    • DM74LS245N (x2)
    • SN74ALS245AN (x4)
    • SN74LS245N (x2)
    • HM6264LP-15
    • Wordwise Plus
    • ARM
    • ADFS
    • Micron Plus 1.30
    • XTALK 2.08W
    • WE DFS
    • R65C02P3 11450-13 8642
    • 8143 SY6502A
  • 7-pin DIN to 3-pin DIN and 2.5mm plug (3x unopened, for cassette recorder)
  • 7-pin DIN to 7-pin DIN (2x)
  • 5-pin DIN to 3.5mm plug
  • BBC Model B PSU, C2 capacitor replaced 2013-03-05
  • AMX mouse
  • Set parts from a Model B: 4 short screws, BNC connector, short wire
  • 5.25“ floppy drive cleaning kit
  • 3.5” floppy disc
  • Model B keyboard ribbon cable
  • 5.25“ floppy drive mechanism (marked “Do not use, I eat discs”)
  • Watford Electronics single 5.25” floppy drive (computer-powered) - 80 track only, appears to work.
  • Watford Electronics dual/stacked 5.25“ floppy drive (computer-powered) - 40 track only, Belongs to Al

Box 2

  • Books (see separate list)
  • Assorted 5.25” floppy discs
  • Blank 5.25“ floppy discs
  • Cassette recorder
  • R6522P ICs (x3)
  • The Hobbit (cassette for BBC Micro, Beam Software 1983)
  • HCR Electronics Micron Plus 64K EPROM Programmer
  • Acornsoft Elite (5.25” for BBC Micro)
  • Dust cover for BBC Model B
  • Watford Electronics ROM/RAM board
  • Watford Electronics 12 ROM board (with selection of ROMs fitted)
  • Solidisk BBC Sideways RAM board
  • ZIF ROM socket extension
  • Assorted screws
  • ZIF socket (component part only)


ISBN Title Author Notes
0246121033 21 Games for the BBC Micro Mike James, S M Gee, Kay Ewbank
0201146045 Start Programming with the Electron Masoud Yazdani
0907563147 Let Your BBC Micro Teach You To Program Tim Hartnell
0563165340 The Book of Listings - Fun Programs for the BBC Microcomputer Tim Harnell, Jeremy Ruston Al
0563165588 BBC Microcomputer System User Guide Al
0563165588 BBC Microcomputer System User Guide damaged
- BBC Microcomputer System Master Compact Welcome Guide
0860822699 30 Hour BASIC Clive Prigmore Copy #1
0860822699 30 Hour BASIC Clive Prigmore Copy #2
0521217040 Illustrating BASIC (A Simple Programming Language) Donald Alcock
- BBC Microcomputer System Master Series Reference Manual Part 1
0946827001 The Advanced User Guide for the BBC Microcomputer Bray, Dickens & Holmes
- An Introduction to Wordwise Plus Jacquetta Megarry
- Wordwise Plus Reference Manual John Coll, Andrew Myers
- The Cumana Disk Drive Guide for the BBC Microcomputer
- Pace Micro Technology - Disc Filing System Manual
- The Beginner's Programming Handbook in BASIC & Machine Code Lisa Watts, Gaby Waters Martin
0906812216 Easy Programming for the BBC Micro Eric Deeson
0521277302 A child's guide to The BBC Micro John Dewhirst
0712603530 Microguide for the BBC Micro Professor Peter Morse, Brian Hancock
0003832236 The BBC Micro Advanced Reference Guide Bruce Smith
0408014377 Exploiting BBC BASIC A P Stephenson, D J Stephenson
0333262867 Continuing BASIC P E Gosling
0905104153 Software Secrets - Input, Output and Data Storage Techniques Graham Beech


See Also

We built an econet, but it's been disassembled now.

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