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Air Compressor


Bambi BB24 on loan from marcin. There's also a “tiny” 3L one owned by the lab.


  • Compressed air is stored energy. If it escapes suddenly it will cause damage and injury.
  • Compressed air can perforate skin. Keep your hands away from the connectors and air outputs.
  • Air can blow debris in various directions. Wear safety glasses.
  • Air tools are the same as power tools (can remove fingers, break limbs, etc)
  • Don't use makeshift pressure vessels, respect pressure ratings.
  • The compressor operates on a max. 50% duty cycle, and the longest you can use it at full blast is 30 min.

General Usage Tips

  • Attached is a micro mist remover and precision regulator, so you can get very clean air at pressures 0-2bar with 0.02 bar accuracy.
  • If you need to go higher than that, you'll have to remove the precision regulator and use a regular one (also provided).
  • Close the drain valve before use, or the tank won't build up pressure.
  • Open the drain value after use (slowly, to allow the tank to decompress) and leave it open to avoid condensation (which can corrode the metal).


  • Top up oil (supplied) every so often.
  • Cover it with a dust sheet when not in use otherwise the wood dust will kill seals and filters quickly.



  • Loaned to lab



  • air duster/blower with water filter
  • air brush
  • solder paste dispenser
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