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Air Compressor


On loan from Stephen Giles.

The compressor has been reclaimed by its owner and is no longer at the lab.


  • Compressed air is stored energy. If it escapes suddenly it will cause damage and injury.
  • Compressed air can perforate skin. Keep your hands away from the connectors and air outputs.
  • Air can blow debris in various directions. Wear safety glasses.
  • Air tools are the same as power tools (can remove fingers, break limbs, etc)

General Usage Tips

  • Close the drain valve before use, or the tank won't build up pressure.
  • Open the drain value after use (slowly, to allow the tank to decompress) and leave it open to avoid condensation (which can corrode the metal).


Stephen Giles has provided two impact drivers, one of which is faulty, and a hose. We need to source connectors for the hose.


  • air duster/blower with water filter
  • air brush
  • solder paste dispenser
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