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  • Entanglement with the spindle, chuck, workpiece or feed mechanism.
  • Unsecured spinning things flying off - chuck key, loose work, things falling from the headstock onto the chuck.
  • Sharp/hot metal chips.
  • Entanglement in the belts/gearing behind the cover.
  • Collisions between chuck/workpiece & toolholder/cross-slide/tool.
  • Taking overly-heavy cuts and stalling the machine or breaking something.
  • Collisions due to power-feed/threading.
  • Damage to VFD from E-Stop overuse.
  • Damage to lathe gearing from starting the lathe out of gear, or adjusting gears during running.
  • Loose tool/toolholder/slides being pulled into workpiece.
  • Unintended use of power-feed/threading at startup.
  • Obstruction of brake lever.
  • Misconfiguration of VFD.
  • Oil or items on the floor causing slipping/tripping.
  • Burns - Hot tools / workpiece
  • Fire - hot oil / work / use of solvents (e.g. for marking) / machining plastics
  • Fumes - melting plastic workpieces
  • Oil spray - e.g. getting in eyes
  • Electric shock (if cables are damaged)
  • Lone working / how to get help
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