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Behaviour Guidelines

We have come up with a number of behaviour guidelines in response to social dynamics and behaviour which has made the space less welcoming. We have worked to make them concise and easy to understand, and something which we can all be inspired by to make the lab a better space for everyone! Importantly, these guidelines can change if we find that they don't work or could be improved.

This document is intended to fit on a poster, a PDF of which can be found here: Behaviour Guidelines

  • The lab is open to people regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, appearance, race, means, or background. Transmisia will not be tolerated.
  • Share the space fairly.
  • Let other people be heard.
  • Clean up after yourself. Tables and surfaces should be left clear and clean.
  • Ask the room before making photographic, video, or audio recordings.
  • Ask the room before introducing strong smells, or changing lights and sounds.
  • Ask people’s permission before touching them.
  • Many of us have strong preferences, and they won’t always align. Be respectful of differences in opinion.
  • Ask before helping someone with their project, or giving them advice they may not want.
  • Assume competence. Quizzing and overexplaining can be off-putting.
  • If someone is making you uncomfortable, it’s ok to ask them to stop.
  • Back up other people who are doing so.
  • If asked to stop, take the request seriously, avoid arguing in the moment.
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