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Belt Sander


There's usually a transparent tub with spare belts and disks marked 'belt sander' in the workshop.

How to change the disk

0. Unplug the sander (You'll be putting your hands on the parts that normally spin)

1. Locate the sanding disk changing tool, should be on the back of the machine

2. Loosen the 2 thumbscrews on the side of the disk table and pull it down

3. a. Peel off the top half of the disk
b. Insert the tool
c. Remove the disk

4. a. Insert new disk, aligning it with the velcro circle
b. Remove the tool while holding the disk in place. If you don't get it centred, try again from step 3. It doesn't have to be perfect, but no part of the disk should be outside the velcro hook pad.
c. Rotate the disk, pressing it down to the velcro along its whole surface

5. Move the table back up to 90 degrees. Use a set square to set it accurately.


How to change the belt

0. Unplug the sander (You'll be putting your hands on the parts that normally spin)

1. Unplug the extraction

2. Undo the bolts that hold the metal bar in place and remove it. Keep a hold of all the parts you remove in this guide!

3. Loosen (but not unscrew completely) the thumbscrews shown and slide off the small cover

4. Unscrew the thumbscrews completely and slide off the big cover

5. On the other end, loosen the black thumbscrews on the side, then the brass thumbscrews. The belt should be loose

6. Undo the left brass thumbscrews completely

7. Slide off the belt from both sides at the same time, pinching it around the thread that sticks out.

8. Get a new belt, there should be an arrow on the inside. Make sure the direction of the arrow on the belt is the same as in the picture (the direction the belt will move in). Slide the belt on in the same way you took it off.

9. Tighten just the brass thumbscrews. The belt should be quite tight. If its not, it will flap about when the machine is being used.

10. Now, adjust the tension on the thumbscrews. You do this by pushing the belt in the direction shown (maybe use a block of wood or gloves so you don't sand your hand), and seeing if the belt moves left or right. If it moves right, it needs more tension on the right screw or less tension on the left screw.

11. Put the big cover back on and insert the thumbscrews (Assembly is simply the reverse of disassembly :kappa:)

12. Slide the small cover back on (make sure its all the way in) and tighten the thumbscrews

13. Attach the metal bar

14. Plug the extraction back in

15. a. Check everything is tightened (except the black thumbscrews that lock the belt tension adjustment)
b. Plug the power back in.
c. Put on PPE and run the sander for 1 second.
d. See if the belt moves left or right. Adjust the thumbscrews as before
Wait for the machine to stop completely before adjusting the thumbscrews.

16. After the belt is adjusted, tighten the side thumbscrews to lock the belt tension. Run the sander one last time and check the belt doesn't veer off.

17. Done, good job!

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