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We are looking into writing a design specification for the hacklab bike shed.

Things that would make the hacklab bike shed *awesome*:

  • a wooden sign on the door that says “Hacklab” -Ben
  • Mini antenna on roof -Ben
  • RGB LEDs in the windows -Ben
  • The walls should be painted mauve (#B784A7) on the outside and fuchsia (#FF00FF) on the inside -Miron
  • 24/7 techno soundtrack - allie
  • Bike ID for checkin / out by barcode stuck to frame. This is standard in Dutch bike parking places. Comes with a barcode tag counterpart for checking out, but we can use the existing hacklab NFC tokens. Bikes could have NFC too of course.
  • Bikes left in storage for too long will cause warnings sent to owners, then they will be autodestructed / automatically advertised for sale.
  • Shed should have built in locks so you don't need to bother bringing your own if you don't want 2FA.
  • Power for charging electric bikes.
  • Fiber-to-the-Bike.
  • Internet gateway for bike mesh network.
  • Music automatically set based on the bikes present.
  • Air pumps that automatically set to each bike's preferred tyre pressures.
  • Lab customisation / lab occupant advanced warning on bike checkin.
  • Automatic water bottle filler.
  • Bulk files / media download to on bike storage for high bandwidth bike-net. (Take data home on your bike.)
  • Connectors for on roof antennas for bike's APRS system.
  • Rain warning system before you leave.
  • Maintenance reminders - oil / air topups on schedule and more oil reminders after rain.
  • A mechanic.
  • Door wide enough for cubic Deliveroo bags.
  • Unlocking by presence of phone in short range.
  • Auto opening door so you can just cycle in without stopping.
  • Lights directing you to a free space.
  • Heating and ventilation to dry wet bikes.
  • A batman to serve tea on arrival, carry luggage inside…
  • A permanent, 24h, decorator, to repaint the bikeshed just before each user arrives, thereby avoiding any arguments about what colour it should be.

Feel free to add your own suggestions

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