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Primary (on copper, a VM on lithium):

  • - Resolver DNS (Unbound)
  • - Master Authoritative DNS (PowerDNS with SQLite backend)
  • - Master DHCP (ISC)

Secondary (on zinc, a Raspberry Pi):

  • - Resolver DNS (Unbound)
  • - Slave Authoritative DNS (PowerDNS with SQLite backend)
  • - Slave DHCP (ISC)

Resolver IPs and are published via DHCP as our local DNS servers. Our local domains are forwarded to the authoritative servers.

A script is run on each server to pull data from Netbox and use it to generate DHCP configurations. On the primary, an additional script configures static DNS records from Netbox data.

Both DHCP daemons call a web service on the primary to notify of leases. This inserts hostnames into the primary DNS.


Salt was used to configure these services. It does not run automatically, so changes may be made manually if there is a fault.

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