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Mini Maker Faire Edinburgh

Hacklab will be at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday the 7th April 2013.


What do we need to do?

  • Tidy the feck up
  • Make signage to direct people to the lab
  • Finish the marble run
  • PAT test stuff (Ted/Aaron)
  • Finish the risk assessments (Ted/Al)
  • Comedy PPE (Peter/Ted)
    • Hi-Vis have been delivered, yay!
    • Cut out stencil using a) Lasercutter b) with Scapal
    • Spraypaint hi-vis with black paint
  • Make signage in the lab directing people to the mailing lists (Peter)
  • Schedule of upcoming workshops to advertise? (Peter, rerun candlemaking for early May)

Projects on display

  • Marble run (TomH, Al, All)
  • ASCII art-o-matic (Al/John H)
  • Mug Plotter (Ted)
  • Light Grid thingie (Gandolf/Peter)
  • Deodorant Ball LEDs (Peter)
  • LED Sombrero (On Peter's head)
  • Small biped robot (Gary)
  • Some One Laptop Per Child XO laptops (Gary)


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